Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Making the patients to get understanding about homeopathy

" It is to be supposed that Homoeopathy can perform miracles, but it cannot do that, least of all where the patient is not quite a convert to your system, nor so conversant with it as to presume that beyond our art there is no cure for him.

Entirely unacquainted as this gentleman is with our art, he will be unable to withstand the persuasions of his Allopathic friends to give up, and to allow himself to be done to death in some bathing place by doctors of the old school.

" I tell you again you will not be able to prevent this. Even had he implicit confidence, which he has not, you would not be able to restore him in less than a year. So I advise you to get rid of him and not to take any more such difficult cases among persons of rank until you can assert your dignity and ensure obedience to your absolute commands, which must be unquestioningly obeyed.

So the gentleman wants to make it a condition that he shall drink wine and coffee ! For God'ssake let him take himself off, he will do you no credit !

" All my patients of rank affected with chronic diseases must have read the 'Organon' and Boenninghausen's Homoeopathy, otherwise I will not undertake their treatment.

Yours sincerely,

Samuel Hahnemann

Coethen, August 24, 1829."

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Best type of immunization

The best immunization for children is not available with medical systems..

But it is allowing children to play well with nature.

- doctorsivakumaran

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Fees for Homeopathic prescription?

Master hahnemann advise to,
How much fees we can collect from patients,?

Don't collect fixed fees from all patients..

Know the economy of the patients well...

Collect well from rich, please show mercy to poorer and collect minimum or nil.

Compiled by doctorsivakumaran

Right of the physician to be well paid

"Dear Friend and Colleague,

Your kind visit on the 10th of April must, on account of its shortness, be regarded more as a compliment to me than as a full visit.

" Doubtless such a title as that of medical counselor has now this advantage, that it enables the physician to obtain better fees ; and it is particularly useful to the Homoeopath, as it serves to humiliate the enemies of his art ; but even were it not so, it is advisable for the plain Homoeopathic doctor to attach so much value to his infinitely better mode of treatment that even without any title he should demand larger fees ; at all events he should make patients affected with chronic diseases pay (beforehand) a monthly honorarium, and take from poorer persons at each consultation (and dispensing of medicines) some payment (were it only a few pence, he should take payment at each visit).

" In this way only is it possible for the medical man never to go unremunerated, and it keeps him a good humor when he gets ready money for his trouble.

Even these small fees, if they are paid at every visit and never neglected, accumulate unobservedly to a considerable sum, and the patient who pays every time scarcely misses them from his purse, because he only parts with them gradually ; and when he is cured or leaves off before he ought to, we are done with him ; he has no claim on us nor we on him, and he takes leave of us, if not with contentment and gratitude, at all events without unwillingness, the sums he has gradually parted with are forgotten by him, and the doctor has what was justly his, and the money collects in the doctor's purse without any regret on the part of the patient.

" On the other hand, how disagreeable is it for the physician who has to send in his account at the last when the patient has quite forgotten his gradual recovery and the great trouble the doctor has had, ut fieri solet.

" Since I have commenced my successful mode of treatment, I have never sent in a demand after the treatment was over, but always done as above stated. Whenever the payment at each visit of the poorer classes, and the monthly payments of the richer ones, shall be generally introduced, and patients not know any other method of payment, then every one will bring his money with him as a matter of course, or will send it every month by the post, and then business will go on without grumbling.

" If the doctor himself is a good economist he may, if he is a skillful Homoeopathist, be able to earn and lay by something.

"When Gross was here last I put him up to this plan, and he cannot think enough of the good effect it has had on his practice during the last half year ; he has become quite another man.

"I could convince you of all this much more effectually by word of mouth. He who does not know how to take payment for the assistance he dispenses is unable to form a proper estimation of himself and of his art.

" In his last letter written a few days ago Stapfdenies having got from you the article, 'On Natural Labor.'

This varians lectio no doubt is owing to the circumstance that he had forgotten to read it and seeks to excuse himself. I should like to have it again, for others wish to see it. If you are writing to him, beg him to mention in the Archiv with especial commendation the, exemption of the Brunswick Homoeopathists from the necessity of prescribing from the apothecary's shop - as he told Gross of Juter

bogk - in order to induce others to follow this example. Farewell till we meet again, which I trust will be soon, and believe me,

"Yours most sincerely,

" Sam. Hahnemann



doctor sivakumaran:
Regarding nipah virus

Modern medicine is based on Germ Theory,

they believe germs cause disease,

we don't go by their belief system.

*Germs are only product of disease and not the cause of disease.*

Germs are sweepers of accumulated filth, once filth is removed germs cannot sustain.

Nipah virus rumors

Don't bother with this idea of creating a fear of virus ....

A natural and healthy lifestyle with less susceptibility alone can prevent all diseases.

No virus can attack a healthy body.


Monday, 30 April 2018

சிக்கல்களும் சின்னச் சின்ன தீர்வுகளும்...

சிக்கல்களும் சின்னச் சின்ன தீர்வுகளும்...

ஆக்கம் மரு.சிவகுமரன் மதுரை...

*💐ஆரோக்கியச் சூடி💐*

(எளிய வழியில் உடல், மனம், உயிர் நல பராமரிப்பு வழிமுறைகள்)

1.குடலும், உடலும்

*குடல் சுத்தமே உடல் சுத்தம்*

2.குடல் சுத்தம் பெற...

*உடல் இயங்கினால் குடல் இயங்கும்*

உடலை நன்கு இயக்கு.

மலச்சிக்கல் நீங்கும்.

3.*எடையைக் குறைக்க*

*எடையைக் குறைக்க நடையைக் கூட்டு...*

4.பலம் பெற...

*பழங்களே பலம்*

5.பிணிகள் நீங்க...

*கனிகள் உண்டால் பிணிகள் நீங்கும்.

6.  *"டோனா எடு -ஜோரா இரு"*

 குடலைக் கழுவி உடலை வளர் -(உடல்)

(மருந்தென வேண்டாவாம் யாக்கைக்கு அருந்தியது அற்றது போற்றி உணின்) 

7. *உலகத்தை அமைதியும் ஆரோக்கியமாக மாற்ற...*

(பசித்துப் பின் புசி)

(நொறுக்கி பின் உண்)

(ருசித்துப் பின் விழுங்கு)


உணவை மாற்றினால் உடல் மாறும்...

உடல் மாறினால் உள்ளம் மாறும்....

உள்ளம் மாறினால் உல்கம் மாறும்...

8. *"சாலட்( பசுமையான காய்கறி கலவை) சாப்பிடு - சௌக்கியமா இரு"*

காய்களை உண்டால் நோய்கள் நீங்கும்..

(தூய்மையான நீர் காய்களில் கனிகளில் உள்ளது) (நீர்)

9.  "சூரிய ஒளியில் (sunbath)குளி- வலி நீங்கிக் களி"

(Recently we founded this, in a case of Ca Lt breast after total mastectomy and chemotherapy she was developed secondaries and metastasis. Along with thrombosis developed in deep arteries. She improving well with our homeopathic Arnica in  LM, with sunbath daily 30 mins helped her lot to reduce oedemas)


 *சூரிய ஒளி நல்வாழ்விற்கான வழி*


10. *"காற்றைக் குடி -ஆற்றலைப் பெருக்கு"*

வாசி ஒருவன் வசப்பட்டால் மனமும் அவன் வசமாகும்...

"சளியே வா வெளியே " என உடல் நுண்கழிவகற்றும்.

(வளி- பிராணாயாமம்)


 *"வயிறு காலி - வாழ்க்கை ஜாலி"* (வெளி- f(e)asting)

"லங்கணம் பரஒளக்ஷதம்"

 நோயிலே படுப்பதென்ன கண்ண பெருமானே......

நோன்பிலே உயிர்ப்பதென்ன கண்ணபெருமானே...

 12. *மன நலம் காக்க*...

வாய்விட்டுச் சிரி...

நோய்விட்டுப் போகும்..

"மகிழ்வித்து மகிழ்"..

"வாழ்த்தி வாழ்" (வாழ்கவளமுடன்)

*To avoid open heart surgery*

(If you open your heart to nature...

Doctor will never open your heart)


நலமான வாழ்த்துக்களுடன்

டாக்டர் சிவகுமரன் மதுரை.


Thursday, 19 April 2018

Is organon needs further editions?!

Master answers

Is organon needs further editions?!

The perfect edition of organon is sixth edition

Antipsoric medicines according to Hahnemann?

What are all Antipsoric medicines according to Hahnemann?

 Antipsoric medicines are listed below by Hahnemann,  from The Chronic Diseases

Agaricus muscarius
Ammonium carbonicum
Ammonium muriaticum
Anacardium orientale
Antimonium crudum
Arsenicum album
Aurum muriaticum
Baryta carbonica
Borax venata
Calcarea carbonica
Carbo animalis
Carbo vegetabilis
Clematis erecta
Conium maculatum
Digitalis purpurea
Hepar sulphuris calcareum
Kali carbonicum
Magnesia carbonica
Magnesia muriatica
Muriaticum acidum
Natrum carbonicum
Natrum muriaticum
Nitri acidum
Phosphoricum acidum
Silicea terra 
Sulphuricum acidum


Making the patients to get understanding about homeopathy

" It is to be supposed that Homoeopathy can perform miracles, but it cannot do that, least of all where the patient is not quite a conv...