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Thursday, 18 April 2013

my REPLY to Nobel laureate doubts validity of homeopathy

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The new Indian express

REF: the new Indian express page6 dated30dec2011, (Nobel laureate doubts validity of homeopathy)

Respected sir,

We highly respecting Nobel laureate Dr.Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

I AM DOING SINCERE AND GENUINE HOMEOPATHIC PRACTICE since1999. Homeopathy is the only and true holistic healing system without any side effects. Nobel laureate Dr.Venkatraman Ramakrishnan doubt about validity of homeopathy is because of his lack of knowledge in homeopathic pharmacy and drug proving.

All homeopathic medicines are standardized by drug standardization unit of ccrh (DEPT AYUSH) as per homeopathic pharmacopeia. But some homeopathic companies producing combination of drugs and named it as “homeopathic medicine” against homeopathic law. Suspecting such brand of homeopathic medicines and mongrels is right. But doubting the validity of homeopathy is indicating his ignorance.

I am challenging him with genuine conscience that, he has to take any genuine homeopathic medicine for every 15minutes for a single day. Then only he can realize the truth. It is not too time taking and expensive. This experiment needs just about 10 rupees and 24hrs.

If he proved it is not so and it is placebo, I will give Rs100000 to him. If I proved the effects he must return his Nobel Prize. It is open challenge.
Yours sincerely
For Genuine homeopathy clinic and research center

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