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My Tips to weight Gain Naturally

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Some times in our regular homeopathic practice we failed with alfalfa, ginseng phosphorous, tuberculinum, i odium, sulphur, psorinum and any other constitutional remedy in patients who wants to gain weight.

but in my practice i used to give few valuable tips to my patients...

1.  Eat more calories, at least five meals in a day.
2.  Add butter, cheese, dried fruits, yogurt  and buttermilk in your meal.
3.  Caloric requirement is depending on weight, height and activity level.
4. Protein builds new muscle, include high protein foods such as     pulses, beans, peas etc
5.  Add dairy products in your meals like eggs, fish, and meat with bread. (APPLICABLE FOR NON VEGETARIANS)
6.  Reduce as much mental and emotional stress as possible. Relax more.
7. Liquid food can help you gain a weight too. Drink shakes, juice etc.
8.  Include healthy unsaturated fats such as CASHEW nuts, seeds, and peanut.
9. You can select good quality fillers in between meals like Cashew (mundiri), Fig (athi ) milkshake, Banana milkshake etc.
10.  Sleep at least minimum of 8 hours in night.
11. Add cheese, nuts, and dressings to salads.
12.Eat more starchy vegetables, such as potatoes and corn.
13.Fruit juices and dried fruit are higher in calories but also are good for you.
14.  Exercise
 Many people think that exercise is only for weight loss
 However, Daily exercise can help to increase your muscles and body composition.
It also helps to improve your enthusiasm and diet.
 Do exercise and yoga regularly for healthy weight gain
 If you do not want to gain fat but lean mass, so exercise is important.

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