Monday, 11 August 2014

some Miscellaneous cases….

Miscellaneous cases….

1.A village woman aged about 40+ came to my clinic, with complaints of bursting headache… <weeping, sun exposure, after death of her husband. 

She wept a lot, while narrating complaints; I prescribed her natrum muriaticum 0/3aq daily doses until she feels better. 

After 15 days of time, she came again, and told she improved very well. No spells of sudden headache so far. I asked her to keep that natrum muriaticum 0/3aq solution with her for some time, and advised if she get headache take the same dilution after 10 succussions .  She came after 2 months with same complaints… I asked her, did u take that medicine? 

She replied, yes, I took it fully. She started weeping… I let her for some time to weep, and then I asked her why you are weeping now? Are memories of your husband disturbing you?  She replied, unexpected answer that, no, I do not feel for him, I become sleepless after I lost my ration card (family card) from lost month. (i can live without husband, how can i live without family card??) So I feel weeping. 

We arranged for getting new family card through some sources. After getting new ration card, she is ok. Until date, she is hale and healthy.

Prescribing medicines for every one who came to us is not necessary. Removal of the cause is equal to removal of the disease.

2. Likewise, a case of general myalgia in 9 year old girl, after careful case taking, repertorization and all that, I prescribed calc carb0/4aq od , until feels better, complaints recurred again and again. I inquired about the daily food pattern, her father told she used to take 4-5 pockets of lays chips. It contains lots of preservatives, taste enhancers, artificial flavors, mono sodium glutamate...etc. I advised her to stop packed and junk foods, and take homemade chips if she wants it.  Surprisingly she improved very well.

3.A case of recurrent head aches and eye pain
< From excessive dreams during sleep
Based on excessive straining of eye muscles.

4. AN acute case... with LM potency...
A case of continuous sneezing for 5 days..
nose obstructed++
appetite decreased...
mind: feeling tired++
causation: ailments after intake of sugar cane..
prescription: Arsenicum album 0/3 aq every 10 minutes... taken for 3 times

patient felt much improvement & completely solved with in 30 minutes...

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