Friday, 19 December 2014

A case of pulmonary tuberculosis

A Case of pulmonary tuberculosis


Pulmonary tuberculosis is the serious worldwide problem. If it identified at early stages patient can get complete cure. Great homeopath Dr.Carl von boenninghausen has cured by pulsatilla nigricans.  Here we are witnessing cure of pulmonary tuberculosis from genuine homeopathic clinical research center.

This patient treated successfully with our homeopathy medicine Pulsatilla nigricans & Tuberculinum in LMpotency.

Present complaints:

A 17-year young adolescent boy came with vague ill health, 

extreme lethargy after recurrent fever < 2-10pm, defective 

digestion, and recurrent tendency to catch cold. He complained of 

severe cough and weakness of chest and chest pain after cough. 

Complaints of Severe weight loss from 60kg to 45kg. Recently 

complaints of blood streaked sputum.

Dryness+++,  thirst less+,  dull and drowsy. 

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