Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Natrum muriaticum in cattle warts

My experience

Natrum muriaticum in cattle warts

In my farm house we had cows , one cow had sessile warts on its teats... She Not allowed us for milking,

 Allopathic veterinary physician tried and ended in vain. Native treatment also failed.

I tried thuja Q as external application... No favourable results.

I enquired more about that cow with my mother, who took care and all...

She replied me, that cow is highly sensitive to heat. And never drink water without SALT.

With lot of enthusiasm, I prescribed Natrum mur1000 bd for 3days

Gave good result and many in and around my home recognized me and homeopathy much.

This turned me to apply homeopathic principles on all living creatures and veterinary homeopathy physician too.


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