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Friday, 11 August 2017

Difference from the centesimal scale and LM potency..

Difference from the centesimal scale and LM potency..

Practical application..

Hahnemann clearly states in 6th edition of organon

Ie, End aggravation, in LM potency,

Hope some more understanding needed here.

 Hahnemann does not expect a similar aggravation in the beginning of his treatment with LMpotencies,

but only at the end when a cure is almost obtained .

only then do we see a similar aggravation AND accessory symptoms belonging to the remedy.

This  is one of the great difference from the centisimal scale.

with the centisimal scale  there is similar aggravation it is at the beginning of therapy,, then amileration after applied right remedy.

With LM potencies the similar aggravation occurring at the end of the natural disease happens at a movement when patients vital force has almost completely been liberated from natural disease.

hence it takes little time and effort when the aggravation is recognized by alert homoeopath,

To bring forth a perfect
Homoeostasis in its secondary action.

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