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How to CURE diabetes?!!

How to CURE diabetes?!!

With in 90 day's.....

Without medicine...

By doctor sivakumaran

1. Eat all LOCAL fruits.

Like Orange, Grapes, Chikku , Mangoes.

All fruits have FRUCTOSE so it doesn't matter that u r eating a mango over an Apple.

A Mango comes from around your space and climate. But Apple and dates from Kashmir and UAE .

So Mango is more local to u.

Eat all the above fruits in DIABETES as the FRUCTOSE will eventually manage ur SUGAR

2 . Choose Seed oils than Veggie oils.

Like choose ground nut, mustard, coconut and sea same seed oil.

  Don't choose packing oils, like olive,  rice bran etc

Go for cold pressed oils than refined oils .

Eat GHEE daily. 🐂Desi cow ghee best.

How much GHEE we should eat depends on food. Few foods need more GHEE then eat more n vice versa.

Eat ample GHEE. It REDUCES cholesterol.

Include COCONUT. Either scraped coconut over food  or chutney.

🌴Coconut has ZERO CHOLESTEROL and it makes ur WAIST SLIM 💃.

Don't eat oats, cereals for breakfast.

They are packaged food n we don't need them.

Also they are tasteless and boring. Don't start your  day with boring stuff.

Breakfast should be happy and healthy. a days,  New adds coming like,  of biscuits - fibre in every bite...  Even biscuits has fibre, likewise oats have fibre. Don't chose them for fibre.

Instead of oats, eat natives minor millets.👍

5. No JUICES till u having teeth in ur mouth to chew veggies n fruits.🍍🍊🍉🍇🍋

6 . SUGARCANE is d real DETOX . Drink d juice fresh or eat d SUGARCANE

7 . For pcos, thyroid - do strength training and weight training and avoid all packaged food .

8. RICE - eat regular WHITE RICE. NO NEED of Brown rice. Brown rice needs 5-6 whistles to cook n when it tires ur pressure cooker, then why do u want to tire ur tummy.

A white rice is hand pounded simple rice

Rice is not high in GI INDEX.  Rice has medium GI index n by eating it with dhal, we bring its GI index further down 🌾

If we take ghee over this daal chawal then d GI INDEX is brought further down.

Rice has some rich minerals n u can eat it even three times a day

9. How much should we eat - eat more if u r more hungry, let ur stomach be ur guide and vice versa

10. We can eat rice n chapati together or only rice if u wish. It depends on ur hunger. Eat RICE in ALL THREE MEALS without any fear.

(Rice is good than wheat)

11. Food shouldn't make u scared like eating rice n ghee. Food should make u FEEL GOOD

12 . NEVER look at CALORIES. Look at NUTRIENTS

13 . No bread, biscuits, cakes, pizza, pasta

14. Ask yourself is this the food my grand parents ate?  If yes then eat without fear.

(Palio diet)

15. Eat as per ur season.  Ur hunger is as per season. Few seasons we need fried food so eat them.

16 . ADD goat or desi cow milk if necessary.

 But it is better to have soya milk or take Cotton seed milk.

17 . NO GREEN tea and coffee plz. No green, yellow, purple, blue tea.

18 .🌴 Eat ALL of your TRADITIONAL foods 🌿


🍞🍔🧀🍕🌭🌮🌯 Strictly NO to packaged foods/drinks and nonvegetarianism 🍻🍶🍾🍹🍷🍸🍺🍗🍖🍤

🚶🏃Exercise/Walk more to digest & stay healthy.💪

If necessary consult near by naturopath or genuine homeopathic physician.

Doctor sivakumaran



  1. Replies
    1. Excellent tips. Thank You for sharing Dr.Siva! :-)

    2. Chapati (wheat flour) has gluten protein which is heavy for liver and pancreas to digest...

      So dangerous in DM.

      Rice is best as it contains plain carbohydrate which is,easily digested.

    3. Very useful and awakening Doctor

    4. Thank you

      Horse Gram and flower of banana tree in food is too good.


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