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Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Homeopathy and mind

Homoeopaty works on Manomay Kosha :  

Homeopathy  works on the manomay kosha, the mental body.

The founder of homeopathy, Hahnemann, discovered one of the greatest things ever discovered, and that was:

the smaller the quantity of the medicine, the deeper it goes. He called the method of making homeopathic medicine “potentizing.”

They go on reducing the quantity of the medicine. He would work in this way:

 he would take a certain amount of medicine and would mix it with ten times the amount of milk sugar or with water.

One quantity of medicine, nine quantities of water; he would mix them. Then he would again take one quantity of this new solution, and would again mix it with nine times more water, or milk sugar.

 In this way he would go on:

again from the new solution he would take one quantity and would mix it with nine times more water.

 This he would do, and the potency would increase. By and by, the medicine reaches the atomic level.

 It becomes so subtle that you cannot believe that it can work; it has almost disappeared.

That is what is written on homeopathic medicines, the potency: ten potency, twenty potency, one hundred potency, one thousand potency.

The bigger the potency, the smaller is the amount.

With ten thousand potency, a millionth of the original medicine has remained, almost none.

It has almost disappeared, but then it enters the deepest core of manomay.

 It enters into your mind-body. . It is almost as if you have reached the atomic, or even the sub-atomic level.

 Then it does not touch your body. Then it does not touch your vital body; it simply enters.

It is so subtle and so small that it comes across no barriers.

It can simply slip into the manomay kosha, into the mental body, and from there it starts working.

You have found an even bigger authority than the pranamay.


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