Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Good food selection

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👍Good food selection

எந்த பொருளை தனி உணவாக உண்ண முடியுமோ,  அவைகளே நாம் உண்ணத்தகுந்த உணவுகள்.

 Food's whichever naturally consumable as alone (cucumbers, fruits, nuts etc )  Are highly good for health than foods whichever not able to consume in its natural raw forms., ie.. Which needs preparations or  mixing of another substances (onions, spices, coffee etc)


Cucumber can be separately taken for a meal.

 But onion cannot separately taken for a meal.

Only few we can. Its how we choose b/w foods

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  1. Mono foods are good than mixed foods and foods become consumables only by mixing other substance's...


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