Monday, 18 July 2016

Questions and answers

Question and answer


Dr. Sivakumaran, it is from Dr. Luc, that i read, that acupuncture is similar to homeopathy in principles. He praises acupuncture. A little confusing, right? Though I did know of H words, this what made me confuse, as Luc is not some homeopath, but an ardent follower of Hahnemann and he usually goes by the book.


 Actually dr.luc practicing integrated medicine.

Of course Nature Cure,  and homeopathy having lot of similarities.... Which I personally know...

Ayurveda ,TCM, and acupuncture , unani too having some similarities... Here and there....

Even now or later allopaths approach also coming closer to homeopathy in the name of nano technology...

As per my experience , the only supreme system of medicine is homeopathy.

Once, If u understand homeopathy well, u can corelate all systems of medicine in different Angles.

Even in acupuncture ("single needle" at a time )is the basic rule...

Finding out exact meridian point and putting  single needle (Similimum) bring miracles...

At the same time, in acupuncture, residuals of side effects are high after cure. Often collapse the patients with in short span. (Though there is good reliefs from  symptoms).

 "That's why Master mentioned acupuncture as counterirritant"

But in homeopathy, there is no residuals of side effects after cure achieved by similimum.

I believe nothing is higher in this universe than
*restoring health through homeopathic similimum.

Go ahead .... Shine on.

"Homeopath's is gentle permanent cure"

By doctorsivakumaran

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