Sunday, 12 March 2017

How to reduce belly?!

How to reduce belly?!

Some Natural , lifestyle techniques...

There are a few reasons which can create this tympanic abdomen...

1.taking Right  combination of food

(don't Mix Fruits with Vegetables or Sun  Cooked / Raw with Cooked, Combining Solid and Liquid ,etc).

2. chew the food thoroughly before swallowing.

3. Better Avoid Drinking water during meal.

4. avoid staying in stooping position (forward bending) most of the time.

(It is important to remind oneself to keep a straight posture all the time. )
 walking after dinner..

Sleep only after 2 hours after dinner.

6.starting Sleep first on left side, and a little later turn to the other side.

Most of the time we can get rid of the bloating with a cooling wet pack (cloth) around the abdomen for 20 minutes.


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